Decency, Decorum Die

1 Decency and decorum are essentially interchangeable, or at least essential companions. That character or quality within society will thrive in the absence of conflicts or poverty, which otherwise tend to excite human behavior. Since the end of the Korean… Read More ›

Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences is a town and county seat of Sierra County in New Mexico, adopting its name from the popular radio show of the same name. The city changed its name from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences as… Read More ›

Money Honey Pot

Editors’ Note: Reposted with permission from Bacon’s Rebellion, Feb. 26, 2022 []. Original title: Dominion’s Meddling in Governor’s Race More Despicable than Originally Thought. We also note, related to this article, that former Del. Hala Ayala, candidate for lieutenant governor last… Read More ›

Believe It or Not

1 Robert Ripley launched his franchise Believe It or Not in 1919, offering readers bizarre and little-known facts as entertainment and challenge to received knowledge or wisdom. He employed dogged researchers to uncover and publish the little or unknown bits… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

DOG WHISTLES AT THE BEACH According to a Virginia Beach School Board member, educating “South Americans is not sustainable.” The comment was made on the member’s personal Facebook page in connection with discussion of the school budget and the number of… Read More ›

Miyares Myopia

A catchy news headline about money in Australian politics captured the essence of the behavior of politicians: “If You Can Get Away With Things, You Do It.” Pundits and political scribes are often inclined to remind readers in a sober… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

LOUDOUN SHERIFF STOKES REFUGEE  FEARS The Loudoun County sheriff issued a press release last Friday criticizing the potential “relocation of Afghan refugees” by DHS to the National Conference Center in Lansdowne. DHS has advised that about 2,000 Afghans per month were… Read More ›

The Limits of Freedom

The current debate in opposition to mask and vaccine mandates explicitly and implicitly resonates with a notion about freedom, or to be more precise, restrictions thereon. At its July 2018 convention, the nation’s Libertarian Party platform set forth in a… Read More ›