Around the NovaHood

This feature, Around the NovaHood, will appear periodically, containing brief items of interest from the greater Northern Virginia area. A LOUDOUN PATH TO FREEDOM?  Uncertainty over a bill that could give Loudoun County leaders authority to move war monuments has given… Read More ›

Wall of Separation Breached

Most Americans have a basic appreciation of the First Amendment’s separation of church and state, often supported by grade school history and civics lessons. (What is less widely known, however, is that our Founders feared more the state pushing into… Read More ›

Riggelman’s Revanche Rhetoric

What is a native Virginian? A Native American who was here before settlers? An African American who was shanghaied to Virginia? A settler who emigrated from England? Born in the USA is a Constitutional requirement to serve as President. Upon… Read More ›

Trump Campaign Buying Black Support

Is this the new “walking around money”? Politico reported (01/29/2020) about a Trump-connected group called Urban Revitalization Coalition (URC) that sponsored an “economic empowerment” event in Cleveland in December where some attendees were selected to receive cash gifts for their… Read More ›

Virginia Union Members Witness Benefits

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from the Daily Press, February 2, 2020. Contrary to the policy views of political and business leaders, working folk favor union membership and fully understand the benefits. Many recent polls indicate a majority of Americans favor unions…. Read More ›

Brief Cases

Brief Cases is published occasionally to update information on previously published articles and/or to add comment upon them. Sometimes the content will be new, particularly as the material is deemed to be of note. PRIVILEGE EXERCISED, JUSTICE DENIED The adage… Read More ›