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FAKED DOCS FAIL TO SPRING INMATE A scheme designed to spring a Loudoun County inmate from jail failed. A man who was being held on shoplifting charges in Loudoun and two other Virginia counties, as well as two probation violations,… Read More ›

Redistricting Postmortem

The Virginia Supreme Court announced the conclusion of its consideration of redistricting maps for the Commonwealth, terminating an unsuccessful episode of political cartography by the Virginia Redistricting Commission. Thus, the state may now enjoy (or curse) the judiciary’s result for… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

CAN’T FLOAT THIS BOAT IN YORKTOWN In the wake of a controversial entry into this year’s Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade (see photo), the Yorktown Foundation issued a statement saying that the polarizing messaging of one entry was overtly political and… Read More ›

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1 LIBRARY FINES NO MORE Fairfax County has joined neighbors Alexandria City and Loudoun and Prince William counties in eliminating fines for overdue books and other materials. Experiences in the other jurisdictions has shown a marked increase in the return… Read More ›

Colonial Chocolate and Slavery

As the nation struggles with repeated assaults from waves of viruses, pressure to resume some type of normalcy increases, particularly as the holiday season approaches. At the same time, reminders of our cultural heritage persist in competing for attention. Published… Read More ›

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OUTFOXING THE CRITTERS Many traditions represent nostalgic calls to remember cherished moments or events of the past. Some traditions, however, are prized by the few and evoke sentiments of a type of noblesse oblige of past class structure. Out of… Read More ›

War on Children, Chapter 3

Editors’ Note: This is Chapter 3 of a six-chapter expose by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit “newsroom” that produces investigative journalism “with moral force.” The treatment of children in Tennessee reported here, of whatever race, by local officials, is almost unimaginable…. Read More ›

No Honor, No Decency

It is something of a general maxim that political leaders rely upon the short term memory of the public to continue in their roles, even after exposure of horrendous behavior. Faith, however, in the collective sensibility of that Great Unwashed… Read More ›

Proudly Hoi Polloi

1 Sometime in 2029, Virginia will again face the task of drawing political boundaries. The current Virginia Redistricting Commission (VRC) lies mortally wounded on the legislative books and, if memory serves decision-makers, it will remain in the legal sanitarium for… Read More ›