The Power of the Vice Presidency

By Frank Blechman This coming week, presumptive Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden will announce his eagerly awaited selection for a running mate. The media and many political watchers will immediately analyze and interpret his pick as an indication of… Read More ›

ON TYRANNY Speaks to Us Again

Selma.  Chicago.  Charlottesville. Ferguson. Minneapolis. These are a few cities whose mention alone evokes painful memories of protest and repression. To that list can now be added Portland, which has witnessed federal forces for weeks acting like enforcers of foreign… Read More ›

Demon Seed

Few are likely to recall the statement by Rod Rosenstein, then Deputy Attorney General, in an October 26, 2017, radio interview in which he stated: “I don’t believe they’d [voters] be influenced by ads posted by foreign governments.” Naïve?  Perhaps.  … Read More ›

SCOTUS Betrayals

At a White House stag dinner in February 1954, while the Brown v. Board case was still under consideration (issued three months later), President Dwight D. Eisenhower took Earl Warren by the arm and asked him to consider the perspective of… Read More ›

Brief Cases

ELSIE REPATRIATED! In January, VoxFairfax disclosed the sad news that Borden Dairy’s beloved icon Elsie the Cow would be no more (“Beloved Bovine Buffered by Bankruptcy“, https://wp.me/p9wDCF-10x). Borden, which filed for bankruptcy in January, agreed to sell itself to a… Read More ›

Money: A Price of Democracy

By Frank Blechman If you have email, and if you have been involved in any way in electoral politics, you now receive many emails every day (I get 30-50/day, on average) saying something like: “The sky is falling.” “Can you… Read More ›

ABCs of Limiting the Electoral College

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from Vox.com, July 21, 2020. VoxFairfax has posted over a dozen articles on the Electoral College, the first at our launch on March 25, 2018. With less than 100 days until the next presidential election, anxious concerns about… Read More ›