The Future: Campaign Staff Unions

Editors’ Note: Sourced from Huffpost, May 4, 2020. While candidates for office proclaim allegiance to and platforms to benefit unions and their members, the failure of those same candidates to create and offer union membership and benefits to campaign workers… Read More ›

Brief Cases

MERCY FOR LAMESTREAMERS IN LIBERTY U SPAT Lynchburg prosecutors last week announced their decision not to pursue criminal charges against two journalists who Liberty University police accused of trespassing on campus while covering the school’s response to the coronavirus pandemic…. Read More ›

An Alamo State of Mind

By Frank Blechman In 2012, New York Times writer and columnist Gail Collins published a wonderful book entitled As Texas Goes, an examination of the outsized influence of Texas on American national politics and policies. In it, she reviews how… Read More ›

Mr. Doctor Governor

By Frank Blechman Here in Virginia, we have the only governor in the country who is also a physician. Yet, in the current virus pandemic, he has not been a major spokesman. National media has not sought out Ralph Northam…. Read More ›

Vacuous VPAP Visuals Vex Viewers

The business of politics is very often fraught with hurly-burly, i.e. noisy confusion, tumult. Facts are even more often elusive or, at a minimum, subject to multiple interpretations, or spin, and, even on occasion, to being declared “alternative.” The Commonwealth’s… Read More ›

Where Are They Today? Jesse Ventura

JESSE VENTURA Fans surely recall Jesse “The Body” Ventura v. Hulk Hogan on Christmas Day in 1982 (Hogan won.) Ironically, it was in St. Paul, Minnesota–the state where Ventura was born and he would govern from 1999-2003. Today, at 68,… Read More ›

VA Inmates: Engine of Prison Capitalism

Editors’ Note: Sourced in part from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 9, 2020. In 1871, the Virginia Supreme Court declared that prisoners were “slaves of the state.” That edict has been emulated across the nation throughout its prison systems. Recently, the… Read More ›