Sixteen Tons

Ernest Jennings Ford, better known as Tennessee Ernie Ford, died of liver failure in a Reston hospital on October 17, 1991, after attending a White House dinner hosted by George H.W. Bush. Ironically, on October 17, 1955, Sixteen Tons, the… Read More ›

The Art of Name Game Fame

Once upon a time, among folks of a certain age, having a nickname or street name was mostly a badge of honor, emblematic of status in the community. However, in contemporary political parlance, such appellations have morphed into taunts or… Read More ›

The Sanctuary Effect

For the most part, our major political parties define themselves by way of issues but their most concrete representation and identity occurs in the person of their candidates.  Each of the major political parties brags to the voter about the… Read More ›

Once Upon a Time in America

Unlike the grim criminal dystopia portrayed in the Sergio Leone movie, there was a period in America when the relationship between employees and workers with their companies reflected a mutual vision of a shared stake in the economic health of… Read More ›

Fear Rules, Health Suffers

Why is it that even as science moves forward with new discoveries, there are those who don’t trust, whose fear makes them want to hold back, with no link to rationality? Perhaps the best example of this is the so-called… Read More ›


A number of voices from the dark corners of the political spectrum have begun to promote Trumpenkrieg [Trump’s war] as the latest iteration of the relentless battle against America, its peoples, and its civic culture. This battle has intensified over… Read More ›