Who’s On First, Virginia?

In 1938, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello created the iconic dialogue referencing baseball in which Bud announces that he would be joining the Yankees as manager. Invited to New York to be part of the team, Lou inquires about the… Read More ›

9/11 Changed Some Things

By Frank Blechman The media, with appropriate solemnity, has spent the last week revisiting the events of September 11, 2001, when four hijacked planes crashed into American landmarks and a field killing thousands, and shaking America’s sense of invulnerability. Endlessly,… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

VA POLICE RANK-AND-FILE SUPPORT BAN ON TICKET QUOTAS The Virginia Police Benevolent Association is working with state lawmakers to draft legislation banning ticket-writing quotas for law enforcement agencies across the state. Virginia State Police, which the PBA says uses the… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

SCOTS RETURN Scottish energy solutions company Aggreko plc will establish its data center division’s North American headquarters in Leesburg, according to Loudoun County’s economic development department. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, Aggreko provides temporary power generation and temperature control equipment. Home to… Read More ›

Trouble in Richmond City

                    In The Music Man, Harold Hill, a consummate con artist, arrives in River City to dupe its residents with his moneymaking schemes. Despite a complete absence of musical ability, he… Read More ›

You Must Remember This . . .

The adage that politicians rely upon the short memory span of voters allowing candidates to renew dead-letter issues and statements from the past or repeat by repackaging issues has not disappeared from the politisphere. Within the universe of civil dialogue,… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

LORD SUES CHRISTIAN U. A third-year law student at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Jamie Lord, is one of over 40 students suing the US Department of Education for allowing sex-based discrimination by institutions receiving Title IX funds. The law… Read More ›

Throw Da Bums Out

Voters in Northern Virginia are having their choices for elective office challenged by several recall efforts involving school board and county attorney/prosecutor officials. Not surprisingly, the recalls have strong under- and overtones of politics, the type being nurtured as stalking… Read More ›

Empty Chair, Empty Suit

This month, Virginia’s GOP candidate for governor declined for a second time to face his opponent. The latest is a debate sponsored by AARP Virginia, called the People’s Debate, perhaps the largest and most widely viewed broadcast. Earlier in July,… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

ASSOL PROF SUES GMU OVER VACCINE MANDATE Calling George Mason University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate “unnecessarily coercive and unconstitutional,” the nonprofit New Civil Liberties Alliance has brought suit against the school on behalf of one of its law professors. The lawsuit… Read More ›