Landmark Redistricting Reform Passed in Virginia

Editors’ Note: We reprint here excerpts from an important letter from OneVirginia2021, which has been working tirelessly for redistricting reform in the Commonwealth. It contains crucial information and links to associated events. What Happened? Saturday, February 23rd, the Virginia General… Read More ›

Outlaws, Felons, Justice

On March 25, 2019, Gov. Ralph Northam vetoed a bill that would have barred former felons from receiving certification as notaries public. In his veto message, the governor concluded, Permanently prohibiting a person from exercising a civil right without a… Read More ›

Slavery, Debt, and Taxation

We generally hold a belief that the arc of history is one of social and economic progress. The current discussion and dialogue in the United States concerning inequality of wealth is one that commenced in colonial times and has occupied… Read More ›

IN A HOUSE OF LIES by Ian Rankin: A Review

Review by Jim McCarthy This reviewer has previously admitted to an addiction to legal and police procedural fiction. Ian Rankin’s franchise of novels, taking place in Scotland and centering upon the irascible, unpredictable detective John Rebus, present a world of… Read More ›


VoxFairfax acknowledges the series Overlooked by The New York Times, which features the obituaries of remarkable women whose stories were not published at the time of their passing. Material from this article is from the March 27, 2019, edition. Bessie… Read More ›