Dis United States of Dystopia

By Barbara Levine In dis United States, lies trump truth. Fear trumps reason. Laws are optional–applied in draconian measures on some and not at all on others. Money talks, everyone else walks. Self trumps community. Those who balk at masks… Read More ›

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  • Over Here, Over There

    BELGIUM The small constitutional monarchy of Belgium is located in northwestern Europe, encompassing 11,850 square miles for its 11.5 million residents. Dutch or Flemish and French are the two main languages of its inhabitants. To Western ears, the term Belgian… Read More ›

  • ICYMI…………..November 22, 1542

    Four hundred and seventy-nine years ago today, the King of Spain issued a set of laws and regulations banning slavery in the nation’s colonies in the New World. Reaction among colonial leaders was fierce, as an entire economic system reliant… Read More ›

  • No Honor, No Decency

    It is something of a general maxim that political leaders rely upon the short term memory of the public to continue in their roles, even after exposure of horrendous behavior. Faith, however, in the collective sensibility of that Great Unwashed… Read More ›

  • Proudly Hoi Polloi

    1 Sometime in 2029, Virginia will again face the task of drawing political boundaries. The current Virginia Redistricting Commission (VRC) lies mortally wounded on the legislative books and, if memory serves decision-makers, it will remain in the legal sanitarium for… Read More ›

  • The Perfekt Spoxer

  • Beyond Our Border

    WASHINGTON The Evergreen State has once again been named the best state in the country in which to live by US News, thanks in large part to its burgeoning tech sector, economy (the fastest growing in the country), low carbon… Read More ›

  • Is What You Say What They Hear?

    There has been much discussion of late, especially since the Virginia election, about political messaging, and how Democrats need to do a better job of it. It’s true that the GOP is strong at messaging, and has been for a… Read More ›

  • ICYMI……….November 15, 1919

    One hundred two years ago today, the US Senate for the first time invoked the cloture rule to limit debate on pending legislation, i.e., to end a filibuster. Filibuster derives from a Dutch word for “freebooter,” related to piracy and… Read More ›

  • Tepid State of Terror

    STATE OF TERROR by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny Book Review by Jim McCarthy Sadly, the state of terror engendered by this novel was visited upon this reader. The tale traces the ruthless revenge pursued by a clever and… Read More ›