Campaign Treachery

When power and influence shift from one side of the political aisle to the other, there are consequences, usually and unfortunately to the voters. The Commonwealth’s politisphere has long been a playpen among corporate competitors for advantage, prominently led by… Read More ›

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  • Where Are They Today?

    OLIVER LAURENCE NORTH The name Oliver “Ollie” North resonates with many people today, either as a conservative hero who tried to serve President Ronald Reagan or as a criminal who took the law into his own hands (albeit at Reagan’s… Read More ›

  • Beyond Our Border

    NEBRASKA The official motto of the Cornhusker State is “Equality Before the Law.” Two inmates convicted of murder in separate instances became engaged to marry in 2011, having been introduced to one another by a mutual friend before they were… Read More ›

  • Rearranging Totem Equity

    In June 1381, a mere 600-plus years ago, the English crown enacted a tax on each member, or poll, in a household, to raise funds to finance the seemingly endless Hundred Years’ War with France. The new tax heavily burdened… Read More ›

  • The Answer, My Friend, Is Vote

  • Longshots, or Not?

    By Frank Blechman I am about to say something here that should discredit me as a political pundit forever. I like underdogs and longshots. I celebrate those out of step with their times, those who use honesty and integrity to… Read More ›

  • It’s the Careerists, Not the Crazies

    Editors’ Note: Reposted from The New York Times, May 24, 2021. Mr. Krugman often offers clear insight into political dynamics that become blurred by far too many voices competing to convey a point of view. He is an expert at… Read More ›

  • Rights Guaranteed

  • Just WIN, Baby

    By Frank Blechman I have written before that electoral campaign strategies actually aren’t that complicated. I often quote long-time Fairfax County political sage Larry Byrne (husband and strategist of former State Senator and US Congresswoman Leslie Byrne) who said, “In… Read More ›

  • When is Long Ago Just Too Far Ago?

    Conventionally and conveniently, we tend to deflect or ignore in our public discourse painful or unpleasant or embarrassing events. Perhaps that is simply human nature. Often that discourse or what remains of it is conducted with language references that envelop… Read More ›