Brief Cases

VA GOP LEADERS SUPPORT BIDEN Last week, 13 current and former Virginia Republican leaders voiced their support for Joe Biden for President–including former Senator John Warner. In addition, the list provided by the Biden campaign includes six Republicans described as… Read More ›

Reflections on Labor Day

By Frank Blechman When my children were small, I taught them that holidays on the civil calendar are monuments to political strength. Columbus Day, for example, only became a ‘thing’ in places with large enough Italian-American communities to make it… Read More ›

Where Are They Today?

JAMES DANFORTH QUAYLE James Danforth Quayle (“Dan” as he was familiarly called) was the 44th Vice President of the United States under President George H.W. Bush from 1989-1993. Dan Quayle is one of five former living vice presidents; the others… Read More ›

Exploded: The Myth of Virginia Dare

Racially tinged material is often more easily identified by a reader from its blatant content. White supremacy (or white identity) writings are more subtle, appealing to what we now describe as white privilege. Sadly, Virginia has been a petri dish… Read More ›

The Rest of the Story

Editors’ Note: Cross-posted from The Free Lance-Star, August 18, 2020. For more than five decades (1952-2008), Paul Harvey  broadcast on hundreds of radio stations his famous line: You know the news, now for the rest of the story . …. Read More ›

Around the Novahood

WHAT’S IN A LIBRARY? Liberal bastions are not immune to right wing outrages. Recently, at a meeting of the Fairfax County Library Board, the Springfield District representative presented a Trump-style rant that echoed QAnon. Among the representative’s comments: 65% of… Read More ›

Trump Agonistes

Review by Michael Fruitman Dozens of books have been published about Donald Trump since the 2016 election, by journalists, political pundits, armchair psychologists, past associates, and more. A new one, titled simply Disloyal, by former Trump consigliere Michael Cohen, comes… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

FIRST LIFE SAVED UNDER NEW  ‘RED FLAG’ LAW A 45-year-old Winchester man told police, “What’s the point in living?” “I just want to die.” Those were the comments he made prior to having his guns taken in the first reported… Read More ›