Presidential Merchandising Campaigns

In today’s issue of VoxFairfax, Frank Blechman eruditely explains the rationale of political campaigns in fundraising tactics and strategies. Somberly, Blechman says, merchandising by candidates works. Somehow, though, it feels far too much like shopping in a Dollar Store. It’s… Read More ›

THE NIGHT FIRE by Michael Connelly

Book Review by Jim McCarthy I am not embarrassed to admit that I am a habitual fan of the genre of police procedurals, whether British, Italian, Canadian, or any other well-woven criminal investigation. Michael Connelly has developed an extensive franchise… Read More ›

Electoral Turnout Dynamics

As the above VPAP visual illustrates, turnout was all-important in last month’s election. It was the highest it’s been in the past 20 years, 7 percentage points higher than the next-highest level, in 1999.  The Commonwealth records 5,628,989 registered voters… Read More ›

Why We Have Not Killed All the Lawyers

The Industrial Revolution in the United States spawned vast wealth, manufacturing regions, and an array of commercial processes and products the envy of the rest of the world, as well as customers across the globe. Industrialization brought millions of immigrants… Read More ›

Cruel and Unusual

Every so often a newspaper report presents information that prompts head scratching and/or the question: what was the thinking here? No one would dispute that our prison or, more precisely, corrections system, is both overcrowded and in need of deep… Read More ›