Over Here, Over There

Over Here, Over There joins our other three geographical features – Around the Novahood, Outside the Novahood, and Beyond Our Border – as a means to  connect our local experience with events and issues similar, sometime identical, across boundaries that separate… Read More ›


Earlier this month (July 19), VoxFairfax reported that a Virginia not-for-profit partnered with a New York-based not-for-profit (RIP Medical Debt) to eradicate $278 million owed by Virginians and Tennesseans. The relief covered over 26,000 Commonwealth residents. The project was spearheaded… Read More ›

Common Sense Jurisprudence

Media accounts of decisions by SCOTUS concerning voting rights are often devoid of reference to the language of the statute under interpretation. Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 (subsequently amended in 1982 and 2006) seems, on… Read More ›

Fast Food Fantasia

By Frank Blechman Despite my advanced age and vast experience, I was shocked (SHOCKED!, I say) this past week to hear one of my colleagues expressing disdain for fast food. He used terms such as “unpalatable” to describe cuisine of… Read More ›

Pure Pusillanimous Petulance

FILQUORA is the acronym for Fugitive Interstate Legislator Quorum Recovery Act, the brainchild of leading national and state GOP officials to stem the outbreak of a potential  virulent effort by Democrats to frustrate legislative processes and governance. House Minority Leader… Read More ›

The Kraken Lawyers

Editors’ Note: Reposted from The New York Times, July 15, 2021. Not a few Americans have been questioning the apparent ethical lapses by the attorneys who filed legal briefs and motions in the 2020 election challenges. Their conduct continues to… Read More ›

Beyond Our Border

              TEXAS Sixty Democrats in the state’s lower house fled to Washington to deny a quorum to the Republican-dominated legislature determined to adopt repressive voting restrictions. The Lone Star State is slated to gain… Read More ›

Where Are They Today?

JAMES EARL “JIMMY” CARTER JR. Our 39th president of the United States (1977-1981), Jimmy Carter (as he was known and signed official documents) may be largely regarded as a better ex-president than POTUS. Serving  only one term, he was soundly… Read More ›

Ranked Choice Voting: Yea? Nay?

NAY Virginia’s GOP conducted a nominating convention utilizing ranked choice voting (RCV) among delegates to select statewide candidates. New York City recently concluded a Democratic primary under RCV. RCV is intended to afford voters an opportunity to order choices for… Read More ›