Hippocratic Hypocrisy in Virginia

Editors’ Note: The Hippocratic oath is the physician’s ethical code which, among others, is a pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments and cause no harm. Cross-posted from NPR, October 2, 2019. By Brakkton Booker A Virginia doctor received a 40-year prison… Read More ›

It’s a Great Day for the Irish

After centuries of colonial control, often marked by brutal treatment, and later faux home rule under the empire upon which the sun never set, Ireland has emerged as a figure in control of England’s future. The role reversal has come… Read More ›

Payday/Title Loans Bleed Virginians

Editors’ Note: Cross-posted from Blue Virginia, October 10, 2019. By lowkell [On October 9], the Pew Research Center released a new analysis of Virginia’s small-dollar loan marketplace, which, they write, “shows the Commonwealth’s small-loan statutes have unusually weak consumer protections, compared with most other… Read More ›

Blackmail as Modus Operandi

Latin phrases describing behavior are much in the news lately, especially quid pro quo (something for something). There is a certain elegance to such usages, removing the behavior from smarmy to acceptable in polite company.  That is, until the realities… Read More ›

Don’t Mess With Omas

By Barbara Baum Levine Editors’ Note: This article first appeared in the Democratic Women of Clifton & NOVA e-News, November 2019. OMAS GEGEN RECHTS (Grannies Against the Right Wing) Just when the world looked as though it was going to you-know-where… Read More ›

Political Self-Control Is Overdue

From inception, VoxFairfax has voiced concern about the tone, content, and conduct of political dialogue in the nation and, in particular,  in the Commonwealth. Specifically, our concern was directed at the refusal or inability of political parties to exercise some… Read More ›