Rules are for Fools

A precondition of the rule of law is that those who are ruled (the citizenry) believe they are not alone in adhering to the rule of law, that it is a two-way street. Nor can the fair administration of the… Read More ›

ICYMI………….April 4, 1968

Fifty-four years ago today in Memphis, Tennessee, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. He was in the city to support a strike by Black sanitation workers. The decade was marked with assassinations, including that of President John F…. Read More ›

The Road to November and Beyond

It would not be too great a stretch to assert that the American public favors fair elections not predetermined by rigged devices such as gerrymandering. After all, fairness is a virtually genetic value pursued, if not perfectly practiced, in most… Read More ›

ICYMI………………March 28, 1854

One hundred sixty-eight years ago today, France and Britain declared war on Russia, a conflict waged on the Crimean peninsula for three years. The causes of the war reflect a rapidly changing set of empires across eastern Europe, especially the… Read More ›

E Pluribus Unum Religion

In 1939, George Orwell coined the term Judeo-Christian in a book review describing a scheme of ethics or morals based upon communal principles of the two religions. The concept has no precedent in colonial America before its popular introduction in… Read More ›

Not So Distant Comparisons

The verb “juxtapose,” meaning to place closely together for comparison, can prompt intriguing questions and thoughts about the matters in juxtaposition. The front page of a recent edition of The New York Times carried two items that, thousands of miles… Read More ›