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LEESBURG, LOUDOUN JOIN TO ALLOW PUBLIC UNIONS The Loudoun County government voted to write an ordinance enabling collective bargaining among some county employees. Collective bargaining for state employees remains forbidden under the 1977 ban; the new law permits localities to… Read More ›

Virginia Trumpometer

VoxFairfax is indebted to the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) for its continued publication of data concerning the Commonwealth’s political landscape. On May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), VPAP published a visual tracking data of individual donors to the presidential campaign… Read More ›

Santorum’s Blank Slate of Culture

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has talked his way into any number of bone-headed corners. Sadly, many of his most notable blunders are related to his unabashed Catholicism and blind attempts to marry religion with the state. Now, Mr. Santorum… Read More ›

Money and Politics: Making it Transparent

By Frank Blechman If it were not so serious, we could laugh about it. As we approach the Republican nominating convention this week, Republican candidates for governor here in Virginia have recently accused each other of sponsoring negative campaign ads… Read More ›

Dillon Rule Rules

That the Commonwealth is a “Dillon Rule” state is a fact of reality cognitively and consciously known to only a small population of residents and geeks who author or edit blogs on politics. In short, the rule means that local… Read More ›

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ALL’S WELL THAT FALLS WELL? LIBERTY U. SUES JERRY FOR $10M The divorce is getting really ugly. Liberty University has filed a civil lawsuit against its former president, Jerry Falwell Jr, seeking millions in damages after the explosive split last… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

LOUDOUN  DUSTUPS OVER RACE AND EDUCATION INTENSIFY A group of Loudoun County parents is trying to oust six members of the school board because of an ongoing feud over “critical race theory.” The group, the Fight for Schools PAC, is… Read More ›

Commonwealth Metamorphosis

By Frank Blechman Virginia’s leaders have lately been basking in positive publicity for being “the first state in the South” to do this or that. First to end the death penalty. First to legalize recreational marijuana. First to end choke… Read More ›