To Be or Not To Be—Political

SCOTUS employs the dodge of “political question” when it decides not to decide an issue presented to it. Of late, the murky mask has been called into play on several occasions involving voting rights. But SCOTUS will decide on voting… Read More ›

Labor’s Love Lost in Last Place in Virginia

New data have emerged demonstrating what most observers of the Virginia economic and political scene have always known: the Commonwealth is unfriendly to organized labor in particular and to working families more generally. According to the Census Bureau, Virginia’s population… Read More ›

Morality as Voting Qualification

It must be admitted that the right wing often crafts arguments that are persuasive, however contrary to common sense or democratic values. In the quiet of Falls Church, an organization called the Center for Equal Opportunity [CEO] generates propaganda for… Read More ›

Insuring Shooters?

Virtually everyone is familiar with the success of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in defeating gun control efforts and expanding gun ownership of firearms. This effort has been accompanied by the NRA’s relentless state-by-state activities to encourage legislatures to broaden… Read More ›

Gerrymander on Your Own Dime

By Jim McCarthy and Michael Fruitman On March 1, 2017, SCOTUS remanded Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections back to the Eastern District of Virginia, having ruled that the lower court had employed an incorrect legal standard in determining that race… Read More ›

Are Unions Making a Comeback?

In 2016, Virginia voters defeated a referendum, 53–47 percent, to amend the state’s constitution to include a right-to-work [RTW] provision. In Missouri last week, voters passed a referendum by a 2–1 margin overturning a similar law previously enacted by a… Read More ›

This Week in History

August 4, 1961:  Barack Obama born. August 6, 1890:  First person executed by electrocution, William Kemmler, Auburn, New York. August 6, 1926:  Gertrude Ederle, 19, becomes first woman to swim the English Channel.   August 6, 1945:  US drops atomic bomb on… Read More ›