The Itinerant Vigilante

Don Quixote was not a vigilante in the literal sense of the term. His self-appointed mission was essentially to revive the romantic qualities of medieval chivalry as a knight errant wandering in search of adventures. An ideal knight represented a… Read More ›

Ban the Book Burners

From time to time in society, folks come out of the woodwork who seek to limit the rights of others, usually on some kind of moral ground. Or they seek to banish those whose ideas they do not share. The… Read More ›

Dis United States of Dystopia

By Barbara Levine In dis United States, lies trump truth. Fear trumps reason. Laws are optional–applied in draconian measures on some and not at all on others. Money talks, everyone else walks. Self trumps community. Those who balk at masks… Read More ›

Beyond Our Border

WASHINGTON The Evergreen State has once again been named the best state in the country in which to live by US News, thanks in large part to its burgeoning tech sector, economy (the fastest growing in the country), low carbon… Read More ›

ICYMI……….November 15, 1919

One hundred two years ago today, the US Senate for the first time invoked the cloture rule to limit debate on pending legislation, i.e., to end a filibuster. Filibuster derives from a Dutch word for “freebooter,” related to piracy and… Read More ›

My Words, Not Yours

2               November 5, breaking news, the head of the University of Florida reversed the earlier decisions barring the professors from testifying.  Watch this space.   If you hadn’t noticed, there is a well-organized… Read More ›