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The Loudoun County sheriff issued a press release last Friday criticizing the potential “relocation of Afghan refugees” by DHS to the National Conference Center in Lansdowne. DHS has advised that about 2,000 Afghans per month were slated to arrive at Dulles International Airport between now and September, and would stay at NCC until their ultimate relocation elsewhere in the United States. No more than 1,000 would remain at NCC at any one time. 
The sheriff’s statement raised concerns about DHS’ “lack of communication, lack of planning, language barriers, a failure to communicate with a myriad of potential stakeholders, and NCC’s unfenced proximity to a residential neighborhood and two public schools.” The text then concluded, “I want to ensure that our community is aware of the concerns we have raised and the expectations we have from our partners with the federal government. Currently, those expectations have not been met, and we continue to have concerns as to whether NCC is an appropriate location to support this mission.”

A statement by two Loudoun County supervisors, including the Chair, noted that “DHS  has not signed a contract with any facility in Loudoun County for such an operation. In addition, a contract will not be signed if certain entities in Loudoun government are not willing to take part in Operation Allies Welcome.” If a contract is signed, they went on, people need to know the facts: (1) These individuals are not refugees; they are asylum seekers; because they are allies of the U.S., they and their families cannot return to their home country without high risk of being killed. (2) They have been repeatedly screened and vetted by the U.S. government for security risks. (3) About 65% are women and children, and all have been appropriately vaccinated. (4) These individuals will not be relocating in Loudoun County or NOVA.

If the Sheriff’s fears and concerns for the community are so deep and overwhelming, then his office can seek to withdraw from any agreement and blackball the project.

A Jan. 23 email has surfaced that suggests a possible quid pro quo between the office of Attorney General Jason Miyares  and Carlton Davis, a staff attorney to the special counsel  for investigations. Davis sent a reminder request for job placement to the AG’s Chief of External Affairs and Policy. The reply indicated the request would be considered. The communication seemingly links a favorable outcome of the investigation of Loudoun County Public Schools with the request for appointment to a job at Virginia Commonwealth University. Two local legislators are considering their options relating to the effect this revelation has upon the credibility of the inquiry.
Oh my! Aren’t attorneys trained to avoid such stupidity? Patronage deals in writing compromising an investigation rates a failing grade.

Perhaps we should be flattered. Along with Crystal City (Arlington) becoming the new home of Amazon’s HQ2, it now appears that Loudoun County will see a new Amazon distribution center. And, covering all its bases, the Amazon empire in Crystal City will also now be getting an Amazon Fresh grocery store.
Just a few days over two years ago, VoxFairax characterized Amazon’s sprawling growth as Amazonadelphia (  The giant, titanic enterprise resembles a megalopolis requiring designation as a special population district by the Census Bureau.
In addition to traditional checkouts, the store will have Just Walk Out technology, giving customers the option to skip the checkout line. No plans have been announced for food preparation online or available for pick up. Customers must be patient.
We may yet witness the issuance of Amazon passports to access its services and products as Amazonadelphians. A brave new world awaits.


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