Republican Rapture

Michael Steele, former RNC chair and now an MSNBC political commentator and staunch anti-Trumper, in a recent interview observed that Virginia was a bellwether model of the wave of political changes occurring in southern states such as North Carolina, South… Read More ›

Briefly Noted

DEFAMED? DEFANGED? FALWELL DROPS DEFAMATION CLAIM Lawyers for Jerry Falwell notified Lynchburg Circuit Court that their client will not pursue his claim the school damaged his reputation by repeating what he labeled as lies about his participation in an extramarital… Read More ›

Refried or Refired?

Virginia’s forthcoming gubernatorial and other local election campaigns may be characterized as refried like beans or re-fired echoing the Obama slogan. The political calculus functioning across the nation following the broadside attack on the 2020 election results contains unknown quantities… Read More ›

Freedom and Respect

By Frank Blechman In the last few weeks, I have written about why I think the statewide Democratic majority is more fragile than it might appear. I have said that it is very risky to gamble that a candidate can… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

FAIRFAX JUDGE RULES CASH BOND UNCONSTITUTIONAL A Fairfax County Circuit Court judge has found that keeping an indigent defendant in jail in lieu of a cash bond is unconstitutional, writing that it violates the Constitution’s Due Process Clause by forcing… Read More ›

Briefly Noted

I. WANT. MY. NORTHERN. NECK. GINGER. ALE!  Last month Coca-Cola announced it would stop selling about 200 brands by the end of the year, cutting its offerings in half. But fans of Virginia’s own Northern Neck Ginger Ale, one of… Read More ›