Empty Chair, Empty Suit

This month, Virginia’s GOP candidate for governor declined for a second time to face his opponent. The latest is a debate sponsored by AARP Virginia, called the People’s Debate, perhaps the largest and most widely viewed broadcast. Earlier in July,… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

ASSOL PROF SUES GMU OVER VACCINE MANDATE Calling George Mason University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate “unnecessarily coercive and unconstitutional,” the nonprofit New Civil Liberties Alliance has brought suit against the school on behalf of one of its law professors. The lawsuit… Read More ›

Fast Food Fantasia

By Frank Blechman Despite my advanced age and vast experience, I was shocked (SHOCKED!, I say) this past week to hear one of my colleagues expressing disdain for fast food. He used terms such as “unpalatable” to describe cuisine of… Read More ›

Ranked Choice Voting: Yea? Nay?

NAY Virginia’s GOP conducted a nominating convention utilizing ranked choice voting (RCV) among delegates to select statewide candidates. New York City recently concluded a Democratic primary under RCV. RCV is intended to afford voters an opportunity to order choices for… Read More ›

Old Dominion, New Dynamics

History suggests that Virginia was named for the “Virgin Queen” Elizabeth I (d. 1603), while its nomination as “Old Dominion” is said to have arisen from Charles II’s (d. 1685) reign emphasizing a relationship with the English monarchy. Today, Virginia’s… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

FROM BORDER WALL TO NORFOLK What a change in administrations can mean! President Joe Biden is returning billions of dollars to a series of military projects, including funds to upgrade safety violations at a 64-year-old Norfolk Naval Shipyard building. The… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

IN NEED OF A BIGGER BOWL. . . . Setting a state record, a goldfish weighing in at nearly 4 pounds was recently caught at Hunting Creek near Alexandria indicating NOVA residential qualifications. As goldfish are not native to the… Read More ›

Loudoun Lowdown

In recent weeks, Loudoun County—and its school system—has been all over the news, particularly among right-wing outlets such as Fox, who decry the county’s supposed descent into the teaching of critical race theory, which only suggests that aspects of systemic… Read More ›

Do It My Way

By Frank Blechman I have written several times in this column that in political campaigns, there are really only two strategies: Keep the bums in, or throw the bums out. I have said that for a challenger or an incumbent,… Read More ›