The Dignity of Labor

An online search of the term “hard work” will deliver a large number of discussions of the term “dignity of labor” as a Christian value or ethic, and that seems well in accord with the view of many in our… Read More ›

Trumpenkrieg 2.0

Editors’ Note: A version of this article was previously published by VoxFairfax one year ago. Many events have transpired in the interim to warrant another look at the political dynamics driving this administration. Little has changed except the intensity of the… Read More ›

Former Cuccinelli Fundraiser Pleads to Felony

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from The Center for Public Integrity, October 22, 2019. By Sarah Kleiner, Chris Zubak-Skees, Carrie Levine, and Dave Levinthal One of Washington’s most controversial political fundraisers pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement to the Federal Election… Read More ›

In Memoriam: Elijah Cummings

1951 – 2019 Chairman, Committee on Oversight and Reform, U.S. House of Representatives We pause to pay tribute to a giant of a man, one who brought civility, goodness, and kindness to the U.S. House of Representatives and to American… Read More ›

Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney

On November 5, 2019, Fairfax County residents will vote for candidates for the office of Commonwealth Attorney [OCA] to serve a four-year term. In the absence of a lay or civilian review board, this opportunity for the electorate to voice… Read More ›

Pittsburgh Reflections One Year Later

Editors’ Note: Originally published  last year on the occasion of the attack at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Congregation on October 27, 2018. The nation continues to experience a rise in hate crimes. By Mark Levine, Virginia House of Delegates (D-45,… Read More ›

Serfing the Gig Economy

Due to trade crises and labor shortages toward the end of the Roman Empire, large tract farms cultivated by slaves were converted to estates owned and managed by wealthy individuals and families. Tenant farmers whose status gradually became hereditary now… Read More ›