Presidential Portrait Palaver

Among dictionary definitions for palaver is an “unnecessarily elaborate or complex procedure.” Traditions, especially public ceremonial ones, too often tend to become encumbered with pomp and circumstance that detracts from the purported value of the tradition itself. Sometimes, such traditions… Read More ›

Beyond Our Border

FLORIDA If ‘ya can’t beat ‘em, assassinate ‘em! So it appears to one GOP congressional candidate in Florida. Heated political contests are common in these wonderful United States, and no more so than in the Sunshine State. However, unlike the… Read More ›

Proportionality Matters

The 2020 election drew 155 million voters to the polls. On January 6, 2021, a violent mob of hundreds or more sought to nullify those votes by assaulting the Capitol Building where the Electoral College count was being conducted. One… Read More ›

Words Matter–Even For You, Rudy

Editors’ Note: Reposted from the New York Daily News, June 25, 2021. Many observers have been wondering about the antics of attorneys advocating bizarre election theories and the ethics of practicing law. This opinion catches the idea. Words have consequences,… Read More ›

Joe Catholic

“Papist” is the pejorative term ascribed to a Roman Catholic and arose in the late 1600s spurred by the English Reformation. Hostilities against papists trace to the time of Henry VIII’s rejection of theological fealty to the Pope who declined… Read More ›

Holy Days

By Frank Blechman In medieval Europe, there were special days set aside from the normal routine of work. The church declared that these were Holy Days, days devoted to prayer, fasting, and sometimes feasting. In the new United States of… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

NO GAMBLING = A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION? Six Norfolk and Virginia Beach business owners have sued the Commonwealth in hopes of keeping skill games in operation beyond July 1 — the day they are scheduled to be banned. Attorneys argued… Read More ›

Policing the Police

Civilian oversight of state and local law enforcement has largely been characterized by benign neglect. The United States has been debited by its English heritage with a significant social and cultural heritage with respect to the present relationship among law… Read More ›