ICE Does Not Melt

Editors’ Note: Reposted from The Winchester Star, October 22, 2021. One signal of irrational government is often the bureaucratic speech from representatives. Pay careful attention to it in this piece. Another result has been a multimillion-dollar settlement between the US… Read More ›

Mad as Hell

In 1848, The Communist Manifesto produced the political slogan, “Workers of the World, Unite!” Unfortunately for labor unions, especially in the United States, these few words connected the dynamic existence of labor with the ultimate bogeyman of communism, a connotation… Read More ›

What, Me Worry?

Alfred E. Neuman, the iconic cover boy of Mad magazine, was popularized beginning in 1954. However, the likeness appeared much earlier, including in the early 1930s on a campaign poster for Franklin D. Roosevelt along with the caption, “Sure, I’m… Read More ›

Over Here, Over There

CHINA One of the three 900-hundred-pound behemoths in global affairs along with the United States and Russia is China. The 45th president of the US was especially obsessed with the far eastern giant, especially its role in global economics. Fears… Read More ›

Handicapping Virginia

Handicapping the outcomes of political races has not yet become deadly but pundits who offer conclusions are far too often incorrect, leading to post-election explanations. There exist, however, some data sources that offer insight into the direction and dynamics of… Read More ›

Revolting RINOs

There are some who can recall The Life of Riley, a radio and TV series from 1944 into the 1950s, which originally starred Jackie Gleason and later William Bendix as the inept, bumbling protagonist Chester A. Riley, making molehills into… Read More ›

Whistling Dixie

Whistling Dixie originates from the concept that an impossible or improbable goal will come true or be believed by the listener. While “dog whistle” relates to sound that may be received only by dogs, political dog whistles are intended to… Read More ›