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The General Assembly has approved the nominations of two judges to the Loudoun County General District Court, including the county’s first African-American judge. 

Lorrie Sinclair Taylor and Matthew Snow, both former law partners of the current Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney, received unanimous Virginia Senate approval March 3. Said Taylor, “I think I have a unique perspective that will help complement the judiciary . . . it didn’t dawn on me that I’d be the first [African American judge], I just had a passion to serve the community.”   The county’s judicial system will benefit from Judge Taylor’s civic commitment.  General District Court justices serve a six-year term.

Courts can always benefit from breadth of judicial experience.


Loudoun County, Virginia’s, health department has reported the county’s first death from the novel coronavirus, a 70-year-old woman who was a teacher at a public school.

The Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent sent an email to staff and families Thursday morning [March 26] informing them of the woman’s death the previous night.

“I am not sharing her name or specific remembrances because it is my sense that she would prefer it that way, but she is someone who loved and was loved,” the email read. “She is someone who felt joy and sorrow. She is someone who poured her whole self into contributing to our community.” RIP.


Reston Association has allowed social gatherings with many more than the 10 people recommended by health experts to take place at The Lake House. An RA spokesman said that two events occurred within the 8-day period between March 15 and March 22. On March 14, a wedding took place with 80 guests, and on March 22, there was a baby shower with 70 guests. There was no formal order in place mandating that [number] at that time, said the spokesman, adding that “these types of events, especially weddings and wedding-related events, were planned months, and in some cases a year or more in advance, making couples elect to move forward with their once in a lifetime celebration.” 

Hmm! The once in a lifetime celebrations hopefully were not the last for any guest or other celebrant due to the absence of a “formal” order.





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  1. Re: Despite Warnings, Reston Association Hosted Large Gatherings. Bravo for publishing this attention to the recent blatant disregard for public health by the RA in permitting two hugely attended events to occur at the Lake House: a wedding reception and a baby shower. Their lame excuse that these once-in-a-lifetime occasions should continue because they were planned a year ahead, posed a potential threat to the spread of the coronavirus. It could very possibly be a guest’s last celebratory event, as it was well stated. Thank you for the alert!

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