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Aborting Democratic Elections

There is a corollary to the adage about power and corruption. Election victories cause visions of power to infect reason. Virginia’s newly elected attorney general, Jason Miyares, announced that he would seek legislation from the General Assembly authorizing his office… Read More ›

Low Down in Loudoun

2 Loudoun County, Virginia, has been catapulted by media attention to the highest level of recognition in the latest iteration of culture conflagrations. The county has been the focus of both critical race theory clashes and transgender issues. This latter… Read More ›

Loudoun Lowdown

In recent weeks, Loudoun County—and its school system—has been all over the news, particularly among right-wing outlets such as Fox, who decry the county’s supposed descent into the teaching of critical race theory, which only suggests that aspects of systemic… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

LOUDOUN INVITES UNIONS In the footsteps of Portsmouth (see last week’s VoxFairfax, Brief Cases), the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has invited unions to speak with county employees as a first step toward unionizing. Prior state law prohibited union organizing… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

LOUDOUN SHOWS THE WAY WITH THREE PROGRESSIVE ACTIONS In recent weeks, Loudoun County has taken steps in three separate areas in ways that promote progress in the community. It will apologize for formerly operating segregated schools, backed the creation of… Read More ›

Signs of a Political Pandemic

Viral pandemics are initiated by one or a few infected carriers entering an area. Some are impossible to detect, and others appear to sprout in more than one place at a time. While there are no epidemiological studies or data… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

Around the Novahood appears periodically, containing brief items of interest from the greater Northern Virginia area. LOUDOUN NOTES FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN JUDGE The General Assembly has approved the nominations of two judges to the Loudoun County General District Court, including the… Read More ›

New Voters Turned Virginia Blue

Editors’ Note: An insightful analysis reposted from The New York Times, November 9, 2019.  By Sabrina Tavernise and Robert Gebeloff SOUTH RIDING, Va. — Not long ago, this rolling green stretch of Northern Virginia was farmland. Most people who could vote had grown up here. And… Read More ›

Loudoun County Learns its History of Lynching

Editors’ Note: Crossposted from The Loudoun Times-Mirror, June 21, 2019. The unveiling of the memorial on June 19th was significant, as Juneteenth, as it is called, commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas, emancipating the… Read More ›