Virginia Trumpometer

VoxFairfax is indebted to the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) for its continued publication of data concerning the Commonwealth’s political landscape. On May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), VPAP published a visual tracking data of individual donors to the presidential campaign… Read More ›

Subtle Perpetuators of Inequity

From inception, the nation’s criminal justice system has had an unhealthy set of roots in slavery and racism. A sample of that codex is found in the 13th Amendment, passed in 1865, which declared slavery unconstitutional but hedged with “except… Read More ›

Electrifying America Like the New Deal

Editors’ Note: Reposted from The New York Times, May 1, 2021. Expenditures by the federal government are not necessarily expenses qua expenses but, rather, are often investments in the nation’s future prosperity, particularly those dedicated to children, families, education. Social Security… Read More ›

Beyond Our Border

NORWAY A sign of the times? Police in Oslo wondered “how could this happen?” The body of a man dead for nine years was found in December 2020. The discovery was made by a maintenance worker entering for a necessary… Read More ›

Rest in Peace

In Memoriam The nation mourns the passing of an individual who over decades made major contributions to his party and his country, and who forever changed the vice presidency. Walter F. Mondale, 1928 – 2021 Walter “Fritz” Mondale, protégé of former… Read More ›

Dillon Rule Rules

That the Commonwealth is a “Dillon Rule” state is a fact of reality cognitively and consciously known to only a small population of residents and geeks who author or edit blogs on politics. In short, the rule means that local… Read More ›

Virginia Lockjaw

An article in Slate revealed that the reporter had inadvertently stumbled upon an unusual medical condition resembling lockjaw and affecting mostly elected GOP officials in the Commonwealth. Diagnostically, the definition is a spasm of the jaw muscles causing the mouth… Read More ›