Virginia and OSHA Fail Workers

Editors’ Note: Adapted from The New Republic (Timothy Noah), May 29, 2020, and the Daily News-Record (Ian Munro), June 29, 2020. While “essential workers” labor under treacherous conditions in face of the coronavirus pandemic, the terms of their employment are… Read More ›

Big Pharma Caught Cheating

Editors’ Note: Adapted from The New York Times, July 1, 2020. [Associated Press]. While not exactly an example of deep state functioning, the case against Novartis is emblematic of the rule of law and the continuing responsibility of government agencies… Read More ›

The Lost Cause Redux

The so-called “lost cause”–a long- debunked effort by supporters of the Confederacy–remains a vibrant underpinning among those opposed to the removal of Confederate war memorials, which is likened to “erasing history” or, in the words of some, “erasing white history.”… Read More ›

Hard Right Worries Virginia GOP

Editors’ Note: Sourced from Virginia Mercury, June 23, 2020. By Graham Moomaw U.S. Rep. Denver Riggleman, the only Republican victor in Virginia’s four competitive congressional races in 2018, was just ousted by conservative constituents upset he officiated a gay wedding. Riggleman claims… Read More ›

Black While at Liberty University

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from Slate, June 16, 2020. By Ruth Graham A member of the administrative staff thought it would be “the simplest of actions” for his department at Liberty University, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, to post on… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY RECLAIM “SILENT SENTINEL” The Loudoun County chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy has offered to provide a new resting place for a Confederate monument under consideration for removal.  Installed in 1908 on the… Read More ›

Hoaxy Poaxy

Editors’ Note: VoxFairfaxis grateful to its contributors but especially to those whose vision and insight concisely pierce the clouds that darken the politisphere. Two weeks ago, our readers were entertained with Ms. Levine’s version of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence… Read More ›

Great Expectations Face VA Dems

By Frank Blechman Democratic leaders in the Virginia General Assembly have created a trap for themselves, from which I see no easy way out. Because of the economic disruption of the novel coronavirus, revenue projections made six months ago for… Read More ›