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  • My Words, Not Yours

    2               November 5, breaking news, the head of the University of Florida reversed the earlier decisions barring the professors from testifying.  Watch this space.   If you hadn’t noticed, there is a well-organized… Read More ›

  • Outside the Novahood

    1 ARMADILLOS ARRIVING IN SW VA Desert creatures? Not anymore. The armadillo (Spanish for “little armored one”) is good at moving–swimming, hitching rides on trains and in trucks, and sometimes just on foot. In the past 150 years they have… Read More ›

  • Medals for Massacre?

    Editors’ Note: Crossposted from The New York Times, November 3, 2021. We are reminded of yet more regrettable American history.   By Mark Walker More than a dozen members of Congress have called on President Biden to use his executive… Read More ›

  • ICYMI…………….November 8, 1892

    One hundred twenty-nine years ago on this day, in the city of New Orleans, Black and White union workers staged a general strike, which concluded four days later. The Big Easy was a tumult of labor organizations for a variety… Read More ›

  • Low Down in Loudoun

    2 Loudoun County, Virginia, has been catapulted by media attention to the highest level of recognition in the latest iteration of culture conflagrations. The county has been the focus of both critical race theory clashes and transgender issues. This latter… Read More ›

  • The Nation Divided

  • Personal Political Involvement

    1 By Stephen Kaplan I don’t know if I fit the bill for the typical political campaign manager. I’m not a really political person. I’m a middle-aged farmer and audio/video technician. I care about the environment, human rights, hunger, and… Read More ›

  • Canceling Christmas

    1 Among another of the latest inanities emanating from the extreme right on the political spectrum is the murmur of the cancellation of Christmas, assisted by the Biden administration. The tenuous, unevidenced connection is but another product of the porous… Read More ›

  • Around the Novahood

    A TRIBE GAMBOLS IN LEESBURG Goats are having their moment. Not only are they great at eating weeds, but they even offer a special form of yoga–goat yoga–balancing on the backs of people working out! On a recent busy Saturday… Read More ›

  • It Always Matters