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  • Over Here, Over There

    LATVIA Latvia is an exemplar of the proposition that political and moral courage are not defined by size. One of the so-called Baltic States, Latvia has a population of just under 2 million, about 80% of whom identify as Christian…. Read More ›

  • Global March Madness

  • In the Garden (?) of Good and Evil

    By Barbara B. Levine Watching the 1962 movie Cape Fear between visits to various news channels to keep abreast of the current Ukrainian tragedy raised troubling and difficult questions about the way a law-abiding society deals with pure evil. A… Read More ›

  • Decency, Decorum Die

    1 Decency and decorum are essentially interchangeable, or at least essential companions. That character or quality within society will thrive in the absence of conflicts or poverty, which otherwise tend to excite human behavior. Since the end of the Korean… Read More ›

  • ICYMI……………………..March 14, 1900

    One hundred twenty-two years ago today, Congress passed the Gold Standard Act, confirming the United States commitment to the gold standard. Previously, under the Coinage Act of 1792, the nation’s currency was indexed to the Spanish silver dollar and produced… Read More ›

  • Truth or Consequences

    Truth or Consequences is a town and county seat of Sierra County in New Mexico, adopting its name from the popular radio show of the same name. The city changed its name from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences as… Read More ›

  • Money Honey Pot

    Editors’ Note: Reposted with permission from Bacon’s Rebellion, Feb. 26, 2022 []. Original title: Dominion’s Meddling in Governor’s Race More Despicable than Originally Thought. We also note, related to this article, that former Del. Hala Ayala, candidate for lieutenant governor last… Read More ›

  • Where Are They Today?

    MADELEINE KORBEL ALBRIGHT To begin with the headlines: In a New York Times article last week, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that “Putin is making a historic mistake” by invading Ukraine. She continued, “a bloody and catastrophic war… Read More ›

  • Beyond Our Border

    TEXAS Nationally, Republicans have issued strong denials that state legislation regarding voter access is intended to benefit their party. In 2021, the Texas legislature adopted new restrictions upon voter ID that have resulted in thousands of rejections by Texas officials… Read More ›

  • ICYMI………….March 7, 1876

    One hundred forty-six years ago today, Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for a new-fangled device he called a telephone. The first actual electronic call was made 3 days later in Boston when Bell delivered a message to his assistant… Read More ›