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  • Simple Test

  • Where Are They Today?

    JOHNNY REID EDWARDS Better known as John, Edwards served as US Senator from North Carolina from 1999-2005, gaining the Democratic nomination for Vice President in 2004 as well as pursuing the presidential candidacy the same year. In 2008, Edwards campaigned… Read More ›

  • American Exceptionalism Today

    The term “American exceptionalism” was coined by Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831 upon his first visit to the United States, noting that the new nation was different, based less upon history or ethnicity than shared common beliefs. Those beliefs, in… Read More ›

  • Around the Novahood

    UNFRATERNAL POLICE RIFT The Fairfax County Fraternal Order of Police is calling for the resignation of the county police chief over his handling of an incident involving a white police officer accused of using a stun gun last month on… Read More ›

  • Reality, Really?

  • Hollow, Stuffed GOP Leadership

    Speaking to the Canadian Parliament in 1961, John F. Kennedy, attributing the words to Edmund Burke, said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Burke’s authorship has long been disputed and the… Read More ›

  • Where We Go One, We Go All

    Between 1925 when Adolph Hitler was first rising in politics and 1933, when he was appointed chancellor of Germany, the nation had a population of between 62-65 million people. The US has a population 5 times greater than the Third… Read More ›

  • Trolling Polling

    By Frank Blechman A weekly column is an invitation to preach. As a former teacher, I strongly feel the pull to lecture. Yet I like to think that for the most part, I have used these columns to share my… Read More ›

  • Will It Ever Return?

  • The More Things Change….

    Editors’ Note: Last week, VoxFairfax offered Frank Blechman’s thoughts about a post-coronavirus world and the opportunity for change (“Carpe Diem for Change”). An Israeli writer offers a different perception of the post-traumatic experience and normalcy. From The New York Times Magazine,… Read More ›