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  • Mars Much Better?

  • Diversity Teaches

    By Frank Blechman Living in the middle of ethnically and socially diverse Northern Virginia has some advantages. We have a lot of choices of cuisines, both in restaurants and in our grocery stores. We don’t have to go very far… Read More ›

  • Same Old, Same Old, Wherever You Look

    It’s the litany of a familiar scenario. A policeman requests identification from an individual on the street, a juggler well-known to locals, performing in a crowded intersection. The busker declines to comply and an argument ensues. The police fire two… Read More ›

  • The Independent Sheriffs

    Robin Hood, from the depths of Sherwood Forest and by legend, stole from the rich to give to the poor and, according to Hollywood versions, was pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The sheriff (shire reeve in merry old England)… Read More ›

  • Cancel the Culture of Democracy

    At times, we are moved to shake our heads in wonder at the adaptability of politicians, especially right wingers, and more especially Republican conservatives (if, in fact, there is a difference in those terms), to coopt a concept for their… Read More ›

  • Time Modifies History’s Judgments

    By Frank Blechman Today is PRESIDENT’S Day, the combined observation of the birthdays of two of American’s best-regarded chief executives, George Washington (born February 22, 1732) and Abraham Lincoln (born April 12,1804). I had planned to write about their virtues,… Read More ›

  • Around the Novahood

    ORGANIC FOOD FUELS CAPITOL ASSAULT The “QAnon shaman” (a/k/a Jake Chansley) has personal needs that must be accommodated. Chansley—easily recognized for his massive horns, painted face, and fur pelts—was among those who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. According to… Read More ›

  • No Big Deal . . .

  • Briefly Noted

    JEEPERS, CREEPERS TV addicts may recall the hapless Robinson Peepers (Wally Cox), a junior high school science teacher from the series Mr. Peepers in the early to mid-1950s. Others with longer recall will remember the song Jeepers, Creepers, a duet… Read More ›

  • American Pie

    By Frank Blechman “Long, long time ago, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile, And, I knew that if I had my chance, I could make those people dance, And maybe, they’d be happy for… Read More ›