The Road to November and Beyond

It would not be too great a stretch to assert that the American public favors fair elections not predetermined by rigged devices such as gerrymandering. After all, fairness is a virtually genetic value pursued, if not perfectly practiced, in most… Read More ›

ICYMI……………..March 21, 1917

One hundred five years ago today, Loretta Perfectus Walsh, a 20-year-old Philadelphia woman, was sworn in as Chief Yeoman, becoming the first woman petty officer in the United States Navy. Walsh enlisted four days earlier under the US Naval Reserve… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

  THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED Not quite the 1976 film plot but an exciting event nonetheless . . . in the Dulles Greenway wetlands in Leesburg. Mom Rosa and Dad Martin, who have resided in the Greenway’s wetlands since 2005,… Read More ›

Not So Long Ago

Sometimes it is inexorably attractive to rely upon canards such as Rule #39 – “There are no coincidences” – from the TV show NCIS. A converse can be said to be “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit” –the… Read More ›

The Limits of Freedom

The current debate in opposition to mask and vaccine mandates explicitly and implicitly resonates with a notion about freedom, or to be more precise, restrictions thereon. At its July 2018 convention, the nation’s Libertarian Party platform set forth in a… Read More ›