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Most Important Product

Over eight years, 1954-1962, Ronald Reagan, as spokes master for the popular TV series General Electric Theatre, opened each episode with an introduction that “Progress is our most important product.” While economists and other corporate pundits might agree on measures… Read More ›

Trouble in Richmond City

                    In The Music Man, Harold Hill, a consummate con artist, arrives in River City to dupe its residents with his moneymaking schemes. Despite a complete absence of musical ability, he… Read More ›

A Muddled Majority

Editors’ Note: See the following previous VoxFairfax articles on redistricting in Virginia:;; and On March 6, the Virginia House of Delegates, on a vote of 54-46, agreed to a Senate bill placing a constitutional referendum on the… Read More ›

APB for Commonwealth Menhaden

On October 25, 2019, the Richmond Times-Dispatch—in an act of environmental and economic courage—reported by way of a guest author the curmudgeonly misdeeds of a Canadian enterprise allegedly over harvesting menhaden[1] from the Chesapeake Bay. The primary question of the… Read More ›

Are Ya Listening, Richmond?

It’s an often cited conservative response that our nation is not a democracy but a republic, defined as the supreme power held by the people and their elected representatives. Yet, for several decades now, people have been displaying a growing… Read More ›