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A Muddled Majority

Editors’ Note: See the following previous VoxFairfax articles on redistricting in Virginia:;; and On March 6, the Virginia House of Delegates, on a vote of 54-46, agreed to a Senate bill placing a constitutional referendum on the… Read More ›

APB for Commonwealth Menhaden

On October 25, 2019, the Richmond Times-Dispatch—in an act of environmental and economic courage—reported by way of a guest author the curmudgeonly misdeeds of a Canadian enterprise allegedly over harvesting menhaden[1] from the Chesapeake Bay. The primary question of the… Read More ›

Are Ya Listening, Richmond?

It’s an often cited conservative response that our nation is not a democracy but a republic, defined as the supreme power held by the people and their elected representatives. Yet, for several decades now, people have been displaying a growing… Read More ›