Dillon rule

Dillon Rule Rules

That the Commonwealth is a “Dillon Rule” state is a fact of reality cognitively and consciously known to only a small population of residents and geeks who author or edit blogs on politics. In short, the rule means that local… Read More ›

Around the NovaHood

This feature, Around the NovaHood, will appear periodically, containing brief items of interest from the greater Northern Virginia area. A LOUDOUN PATH TO FREEDOM?  Uncertainty over a bill that could give Loudoun County leaders authority to move war monuments has given… Read More ›

An Immodest Proposal

The Commonwealth has a unique opportunity to revise and restructure its legislative governance, especially in light of the proposed independent redistricting commission. Virginia has 400 years of experience in self-governance for its citizens and, now, has a chance to create… Read More ›