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ICYMI………………March 28, 1854

One hundred sixty-eight years ago today, France and Britain declared war on Russia, a conflict waged on the Crimean peninsula for three years. The causes of the war reflect a rapidly changing set of empires across eastern Europe, especially the… Read More ›

Over Here, Over There

LATVIA Latvia is an exemplar of the proposition that political and moral courage are not defined by size. One of the so-called Baltic States, Latvia has a population of just under 2 million, about 80% of whom identify as Christian…. Read More ›

Eurocracy Threat

By definition, political or commercial unions that transcend borders are constructed from different components requiring both agreement and attention to sustain the federation or confederation. There exists no model or formula. Following the decline and fall of the Roman Empire,… Read More ›

Over Here, Over There

KAZAKHSTAN For Russia’s Putin, Kazakhstan represents a second front with which to contend as it continues to rattle the nerves of its neighbors. Geographically, Kazakhstan–with 19 million people, predominantly Muslim–is located in Central Asia, bordered by Russia to the west… Read More ›

ICYMI………….December 27, 1845

1 One hundred seventy-six years ago today, John Louis O’Sullivan, a journalist, coined the term “manifest destiny” to justify annexation of the Texas and Oregon territories by the United States. O’Sullivan was a native New Yorker, educated at Columbia University… Read More ›

Over Here, Over There

CANADA Kinks in the global supply chain have increased demand for goods, contributing, in turn, to some inflationary pressures on prices. Fortunately, many nations around the world have developed strategies to address this phenomenon. Canada supplies over 70% of the… Read More ›

Canceling Christmas

1 Among another of the latest inanities emanating from the extreme right on the political spectrum is the murmur of the cancellation of Christmas, assisted by the Biden administration. The tenuous, unevidenced connection is but another product of the porous… Read More ›