DPRK Returns Remains of 55 US Military

On June 20 at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, the President boasted that North Korea had returned the remains of 200 US military from the battlefields of that country. After some fitful attempts, it was announced on July 26 that the remains of 55 had been turned over to US officials.

The President had also announced that a large number of families had petitioned him prior to the summit with North Korea’s leader to secure the return of remains. According to news sources, the US had paid North Korea $28 million for the remains of some 220 military personnel through 1996. No information was reported on the cost of this latest transfer.

The Korean “police” action ended in 1953 by way of an armistice, and no peace treaty has ever been concluded, leaving the US and the DPRK without formal diplomatic relations.

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