west virginia

Brief Cases

BIBLICAL BATTLE BY BIG BOYS BETRAYS BOISTEROUS BRAGGADOCIO Governor Ralph Northam relied upon 1 Corinthians while Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. rejoined with Exodus 20:16 in a verbal brawl about Liberty University’s decision to allow students back to campus… Read More ›

NoVa Emerges as Amazonadelphia

The suffix -delphia is sometimes linked to a Greek term for womb, the human organ for birth and gestation. In the months prior to Amazon’s announcement of its intention to locate a headquarters operation in the Commonwealth, speculation and mouth-drooling… Read More ›

Brief Cases

  CONVERSION THERAPY PRACTICES CONTINUE TO TROUBLE STATES One of the nation’s most conservative states is the latest to take a stand in favor of LGBTQ equality. The law is the first of its kind in the nation. While other… Read More ›