Immigration and Political Prosperity

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from The New York Times, January 10, 2020. By Robert Gebeloff Often lost in discussions of immigration is the simple, inescapable fact that the United States was founded as a nation of immigrants.  Only Native Americans have a… Read More ›

Trumpenkrieg 2.0

Editors’ Note: A version of this article was previously published by VoxFairfax one year ago. Many events have transpired in the interim to warrant another look at the political dynamics driving this administration. Little has changed except the intensity of the… Read More ›


Virginia Dare was the first reported child born to early English colonialists in Roanoke Colony (Lost Colony) on August 18, 1587, some three decades before the Jamestown settlement and the arrival of the first enslaved Africans to Virginia’s shores. In… Read More ›


A number of voices from the dark corners of the political spectrum have begun to promote Trumpenkrieg [Trump’s war] as the latest iteration of the relentless battle against America, its peoples, and its civic culture. This battle has intensified over… Read More ›