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Private Militias Are a Threat to All

Editors’ Note: Crossposted from The New York Times, October 8, 2020. By Mary B. McCord VoxFairfax has commented upon this issue on several occasions.  Across the nation, local sheriffs have offered sympathetic comments about private militias often encouraging their activities.  Sometimes… Read More ›

Responsibility v. Immunity

Few, if any, will deny that each individual owes some duty of care to neighbors and the community at large. That responsibility may be expressed in a myriad of ways including, among others, paying taxes, voting, respecting street and road… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

‘UNIQUELY HARMED’ DELEGATE UNIQUELY PEDESTRIAN Del. Dave LaRock, R-Loudoun, claims that he has been “uniquely harmed” by executive actions taken by the state’s Safety and Health Codes Board, Gov. Ralph Northam, and state Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver in July,… Read More ›

NRA Cries Firearms Foul

Editors’ Note: Some material sourced from the April 3, 2020, New York Post. In today’s Brief Cases, VoxFairfax considers whether shooting is fun–or not. New York is trampling on Second Amendment rights by shuttering gun stores during the coronavirus pandemic, the National… Read More ›

Westward Ho!

Has the Commonwealth initiated yet another trend? USA Today reports a grass-roots movement in Oregon to have several counties secede from the state to join with Idaho as a new entity called Greater Idaho. The move is spurred by a… Read More ›

New Voters Turned Virginia Blue

Editors’ Note: An insightful analysis reposted from The New York Times, November 9, 2019.  By Sabrina Tavernise and Robert Gebeloff SOUTH RIDING, Va. — Not long ago, this rolling green stretch of Northern Virginia was farmland. Most people who could vote had grown up here. And… Read More ›