RIP: Lawn Manicures

Editors’ Note: While a bit offbeat from our usual offerings, this “lifestyle” piece might be a refuge of sorts from our daily national concerns. Let us know if you enjoy it. Partially sourced from CNN, March 30, 2020. By Matthew… Read More ›

Epic Rollback of Environmental Protections

Despite consistent criticism of this administration as lacking coherence or vision for many national issues, it has achieved a remarkable scorecard in eliminating environmental protections in laws and rules.   The 50-year-old National Environmental Policy Act is facing a rollback,… Read More ›

Experience Insanity in a Lump of Coal

We parody, of course, the famous line of William Blake [1757–1827], “see a world in a grain of sand.”  VoxFairfax previously [08/26/18] reported about regulatory rollbacks from the Obama era now advocated by the Environmental Protection Agency that would result… Read More ›