Health Care

Pandemic Perspective

By Frank Blechman One month ago, on the eve of Super Tuesday, I wrote a column for this blog about fears that Bernie Sanders was the inevitable presidential nominee of the Democratic Party []. I argued then that the nomination… Read More ›

Three Centuries of Indecision

Editors’ Note: See also Workers Are Us in today’s issue. Bernardino Ramazzini (1633–1714), an Italian physician, was appointed to the chair of theory of medicine at the University of Modena in 1682 and served as professor of medicine at the… Read More ›

The Rise of the Cyborgs

By Frank Blechman The Christmas/New Year’s holiday offer an extended time for reflection. Driving to visit far-flung family and friends gave me even more. And, the visits provided a time to compare my thoughts with those of others. I took… Read More ›

American Genius at Work: Charities

One of the most notable and attractive hallmarks of American society is the extent and breadth of its charitable energies and organizations representing, at once, testimony to the spirit of the nation and its willingness to share its resources to… Read More ›

Fear Rules, Health Suffers

Why is it that even as science moves forward with new discoveries, there are those who don’t trust, whose fear makes them want to hold back, with no link to rationality? Perhaps the best example of this is the so-called… Read More ›

‘We’re America, Bitch’: Breast Milk and the Swamp

Although the current foreign policy of the United States was not formally announced until June 11, 2018, in The Atlantic Daily [] to be We’re America, Bitch, the doctrine had been evident to observers for some time. Now, reports have… Read More ›