COVID Spawns Bipolar Political Behavior

The COVID pandemic is likely to have many, as yet unknown, long-term effects. In the short term, there appear to be a number of distressing political phenomena that can be head-scratching. Some extremes in response to the pandemic offer divergent… Read More ›

Mr. Doctor Governor

By Frank Blechman Here in Virginia, we have the only governor in the country who is also a physician. Yet, in the current virus pandemic, he has not been a major spokesman. National media has not sought out Ralph Northam…. Read More ›

VA Inmates: Engine of Prison Capitalism

Editors’ Note: Sourced in part from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 9, 2020. In 1871, the Virginia Supreme Court declared that prisoners were “slaves of the state.” That edict has been emulated across the nation throughout its prison systems. Recently, the… Read More ›

Committing to Economic Dignity

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from The New York Times, April 26, 2020. By Gene B. Sperling Mr. Sperling was the national economic adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He is also the author of the forthcoming book “Economic Dignity.”… Read More ›

Brief Cases

NEW YORK ER DOCTOR, CHARLOTTESVILLE  NATIVE, A SUICIDE COVID VICTIM Dr. Lorna M. Breen, the medical director of the emergency department at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, committed suicide in Charlottesville, where she was staying with family, reported her father, also… Read More ›

Goin’ Outta My Mind

As some of our fellow citizens intentionally suffer through the daily White House press briefings, some actually pay attention to the pronouncements from P45, especially those not read verbatim from the TelePrompter. Faux News, 45’s network of choice, also publishes… Read More ›