virginia redistricting

The Road Ahead

It appears that  the Virginia Redistricting Commission (VRC) will not meet its timeline to produce  a set of electoral maps establishing new boundaries that are supposed to endure until the next census in 2030, in effect, a 10-year legacy. The… Read More ›

Redistricting Commission Imploding

Republicans Reject Compromise and Democrats Walk Out Editors’ Note: Reposted from Virginia Mercury, October 8, 2021. Sadly, redistricting in the Commonwealth fell prey to the Virginia Way. Critics of the original legislation will crow; a hopeful citizenry will sigh with… Read More ›

Special in Virginia

By Frank Blechman Virginia likes to be special. First at this. Last at that. We take (too much) pride in doing things our own way. We don’t play well with others. We don’t learn well from others. We don’t have… Read More ›