We Deliver For You. Now Deliver For Us.

Email inboxes are bombarded by messages from a wide selection of sources. Many are easy to identify and delete; others often offer tantalizing messages in the subject line that may cause a brief pause. The messages from political activists are… Read More ›

FedEx: No Taxes, No Thank You

Editors’ Note: The results of the tax reform legislation for FedEx are a real-world example of wealth inequality and lobby influence. Readers should be aware that both FedEx and UPS as cited in this article have lobbied to hamper the… Read More ›

The Postal Worker’s Christmas

Editors’ Note: Reprinted from The New York Times, December 18, 2018 by Sarah Anderson My grandfather was part of a long tradition of postal workers who sacrificed Christmas Eve with their families to deliver holiday packages. VoxFairfax has previously commented upon… Read More ›