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In the Garden (?) of Good and Evil

By Barbara B. Levine Watching the 1962 movie Cape Fear between visits to various news channels to keep abreast of the current Ukrainian tragedy raised troubling and difficult questions about the way a law-abiding society deals with pure evil. A… Read More ›

Private Militias Are a Threat to All

Editors’ Note: Crossposted from The New York Times, October 8, 2020. By Mary B. McCord VoxFairfax has commented upon this issue on several occasions.  Across the nation, local sheriffs have offered sympathetic comments about private militias often encouraging their activities.  Sometimes… Read More ›

Milken: Money Corrupts Absolutely

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from The New York Times, February 18, 2020.   By James B. Stewart By pardoning Michael R. Milken, a potent symbol of the “greed is good” 1980s and arguably the most significant white-collar criminal of his generation, President… Read More ›

Armed Sanctuaries Oxymoron

Editors’ Note: Reposted and excerpted  from Blue Virginia, December 13, 2019. Turning The Rule Of Law Upside Down By Delegate David Toscano, 57th District The Tazewell County, Virginia, Board of Supervisors recently jumped aboard the fast-moving “Second Amendment sanctuaries” train…. Read More ›

Deep State Rising

Editors’ Note: In 2019 alone, VoxFairfax has run four previous pieces on the deep state, on March 3, 24, 31, and April 14. Using the term “deep state” in our search box will easily find these articles for you. Alternatingly serious and… Read More ›

Can Massive Trump Resistance Succeed?

Our nation has experienced many instances of massive resistance since colonial days, most notably the Civil War and the period following the desegregation of public schools, which was led by the Byrd hegemony of Virginia. Sometimes, the resistance has been… Read More ›