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Where Are They Today?

RICHARD JOHN  ‘RICK’ SANTORUM Rick Santorum, 62, represented Pennsylvania as a Republican in the US Senate from 1995 to 2007. A consistent social conservative, he is known for his pro-family, Christian-oriented views toward public policy and legislation, which include his… Read More ›

Trump Agonistes

Review by Michael Fruitman Dozens of books have been published about Donald Trump since the 2016 election, by journalists, political pundits, armchair psychologists, past associates, and more. A new one, titled simply Disloyal, by former Trump consigliere Michael Cohen, comes… Read More ›

Where Are They Today?

JOHNNY REID EDWARDS Better known as John, Edwards served as US Senator from North Carolina from 1999-2005, gaining the Democratic nomination for Vice President in 2004 as well as pursuing the presidential candidacy the same year. In 2008, Edwards campaigned… Read More ›