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Outside the Novahood

ALL’S WELL THAT FALLS WELL? LIBERTY U. SUES JERRY FOR $10M The divorce is getting really ugly. Liberty University has filed a civil lawsuit against its former president, Jerry Falwell Jr, seeking millions in damages after the explosive split last… Read More ›

Briefly Noted

DEFAMED? DEFANGED? FALWELL DROPS DEFAMATION CLAIM Lawyers for Jerry Falwell notified Lynchburg Circuit Court that their client will not pursue his claim the school damaged his reputation by repeating what he labeled as lies about his participation in an extramarital… Read More ›

Lessons for All in Leadership

Editors’ Notes: Editorial reposted from the Roanoke Times, August 12, 2020.  There is much that can be said about Jerry Falwell Jr.’s abrupt and indefinite departure from the presidency of Liberty University, surely far more than the 47 words in… Read More ›

Brief Cases

MERCY FOR LAMESTREAMERS IN LIBERTY U SPAT Lynchburg prosecutors last week announced their decision not to pursue criminal charges against two journalists who Liberty University police accused of trespassing on campus while covering the school’s response to the coronavirus pandemic…. Read More ›

Liberty: Thy Name in Vain

Institutions of higher learning are expected to promote free speech and the discussion of ideas from all viewpoints. This is what helps colleges and universities prepare students for life in a diverse community. It is also one of the foundations… Read More ›

Brief Cases

BIBLICAL BATTLE BY BIG BOYS BETRAYS BOISTEROUS BRAGGADOCIO Governor Ralph Northam relied upon 1 Corinthians while Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. rejoined with Exodus 20:16 in a verbal brawl about Liberty University’s decision to allow students back to campus… Read More ›