Blackmail as Modus Operandi

Latin phrases describing behavior are much in the news lately, especially quid pro quo (something for something). There is a certain elegance to such usages, removing the behavior from smarmy to acceptable in polite company.  That is, until the realities… Read More ›

Regulation Rollback Rage

Under the current administration, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created by President Richard Nixon, has proposed and/or completed the rollback of many federal regulations initiated to protect health. Under one such action, EPA noted that the revised regulation would cause… Read More ›

Experience Insanity in a Lump of Coal

We parody, of course, the famous line of William Blake [1757–1827], “see a world in a grain of sand.”  VoxFairfax previously [08/26/18] reported about regulatory rollbacks from the Obama era now advocated by the Environmental Protection Agency that would result… Read More ›