deep state

Where We Go One, We Go All

Between 1925 when Adolph Hitler was first rising in politics and 1933, when he was appointed chancellor of Germany, the nation had a population of between 62-65 million people. The US has a population 5 times greater than the Third… Read More ›

The US Deep State Is Not Blue

The origins of the term Deep State arose in modern times from the secretive Turkish network known as derin devlet. This group was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with the purpose of undertaking clandestine acts to preserve the… Read More ›

Gok’s Uncertainty Principle

Editors’ Note: Reporting based upon an article in The New York Times, March 2, 2020. For over three years now, or perhaps even longer, a number of Trump critics and observers have shared a sense of dismay that the President… Read More ›

Deep State Rising

Editors’ Note: In 2019 alone, VoxFairfax has run four previous pieces on the deep state, on March 3, 24, 31, and April 14. Using the term “deep state” in our search box will easily find these articles for you. Alternatingly serious and… Read More ›

Voyage to the Deep State

The mainstream media (MSM) for some months has been mostly silent about the deep state (sometimes aka the administrative state) but nonetheless the amorphous, sinister jurisdiction has been busily plying its surreptitious influences to the dismay and frustration of the… Read More ›

OTHER VOICES: Paul Krugman

Editors’ Note: This piece is excerpted from the December 17, 2018, New York Times. Conservatism’s Monstrous Endgame Apparatchiks are corroding the foundations of democracy. What we’re seeing in America — what we’ve actually been seeing for years, although much of… Read More ›