crime and punishment

The Oxymoron of Criminal Justice

Crime has been a reality in society forever, and one seemingly immune to resolution, much less elimination. Whether motivated by need or want or emotion, criminal offenses may be inevitable. Offenses against persons and property have existed, as the Bible… Read More ›

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

For nearly 300 years following its founding until 1909, Virginia’s capital punishment preference was hanging. Up to 1918, another 90 individuals were dispatched by lynching, sometime characterized by the euphemistic term “extra-judicial” procedure. In a race to lead, Virginia has… Read More ›

The Executioner’s Song

Editors’ Note: Sourced from AP News, April 17, 2020. The career of Virginia’s executioner opens questions about reasonable doubt. Jerry Givens, who served as Virginia’s chief executioner for 17 years before he himself was sent to prison and later became… Read More ›

Zero Tolerance in Virginia Equals No Winners

Editors’ Note: This article reflects changing circumstances and some changed thinking from the lead article published in last week’s VoxFairfax. As of this writing (February 10), the almost unbelievable brouhaha in Virginia state government has cascaded discussions of racism, #MeToo,… Read More ›