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COVID Spawns Bipolar Political Behavior

The COVID pandemic is likely to have many, as yet unknown, long-term effects. In the short term, there appear to be a number of distressing political phenomena that can be head-scratching. Some extremes in response to the pandemic offer divergent… Read More ›

When are Coincidences Not Coincidences?

VoxFairfax has on a few occasions cited Gibbs’ rule #39 [yes, the NCIS protagonist] that there are no coincidences. On January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court, in a moment of unfettered libertarianism, decided that corporations and unions could flood electioneering… Read More ›

Citizens United May Have United Citizens

Our accompanying post from The New York Times (Republicans Will Lose The General Assembly) focuses upon the gun control issue as it will play out in  Virginia’s 2019 legislative campaign. But there are some other promising signals—perhaps incipient but crucial nonetheless—in… Read More ›