cancel culture

Canceling Christmas

1 Among another of the latest inanities emanating from the extreme right on the political spectrum is the murmur of the cancellation of Christmas, assisted by the Biden administration. The tenuous, unevidenced connection is but another product of the porous… Read More ›

Cancel the Culture of Democracy

At times, we are moved to shake our heads in wonder at the adaptability of politicians, especially right wingers, and more especially Republican conservatives (if, in fact, there is a difference in those terms), to coopt a concept for their… Read More ›

Lost and Blind: Beyond Redemption?

On March 21, 2017, P45 announced by tweet that, “Most people don’t even know he was a Republican,” referring to Abraham Lincoln. The suspicion remains that the startling fact was news only to the Twitterer-in-Chief himself. Presidents are not required… Read More ›