Beyond Our Border

CALIFORNIA The resignation this month of Devin Nunes before the end of his current term was a surprise – maybe. The rationale offered was his choice to become the CEO of the new media and technology company initiated by the… Read More ›

Where Are They Today?

ARNOLD “ARNIE” ALOIS SCHWARZENEGGER It was almost 18 years ago, on October 7, 2003, that California voters propelled Arnold Schwarzenegger into the Governor’s office following a recall referendum of Governor Gray Davis. Schwarzenegger’s film career was at something of a… Read More ›

Blackmail as Modus Operandi

Latin phrases describing behavior are much in the news lately, especially quid pro quo (something for something). There is a certain elegance to such usages, removing the behavior from smarmy to acceptable in polite company.  That is, until the realities… Read More ›