Landmark Redistricting Reform Passed in Virginia

Editors’ Note: We reprint here excerpts from an important letter from OneVirginia2021, which has been working tirelessly for redistricting reform in the Commonwealth. It contains crucial information and links to associated events. What Happened? Saturday, February 23rd, the Virginia General… Read More ›

Letting the Sun Shine In

Amid All the Angst, There are Bright Spots While we may not be fully in the Age of Aquarius in terms of democratic values, there are some signs that voting folks seek the peace and harmony that enchanted us in… Read More ›

Ya Gotta Believe Your Common Sense!

In one of our earliest posts (April 6) “How a Minority and a Propaganda Blitz Elected a President,” we evaluated the results of the 2016 presidential election, focusing specifically on the margin of victory producing 75 Electoral College votes for… Read More ›

History Redux

Editors’ Note: Reprinted from an editorial in The Roanoke Times, December 15, 2018. In 1965, Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell got 1.2% of the vote–5,730 votes (including 346 in Fairfax County, the highest total in the Commonwealth) for Governor of Virginia Nazis… Read More ›