racial symbols

When is Long Ago Just Too Far Ago?

Conventionally and conveniently, we tend to deflect or ignore in our public discourse painful or unpleasant or embarrassing events. Perhaps that is simply human nature. Often that discourse or what remains of it is conducted with language references that envelop… Read More ›


In grade school, we unquestioningly accepted the duty of a teacher erasing the blackboard no matter what material had been chalked. Sometimes, we might have had some concern that we had failed to copy some vital information into our notebooks…. Read More ›

Jim Crow Ate America

THE NEW JIM CROW by Michelle Alexander Book Review by Jim McCarthy             Although published 11 years ago, the content, information, and observations are not only fresh for consideration today but prophetic. The author offers… Read More ›

Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Santorum

Paul Simon penned some of music’s most memorable lyrics and tunes during his lengthy career. Occasionally, snatches of words and lines from Mrs. Robinson (1968) are heard “softly creeping” (Sounds of Silence) while considering a current political issue. These snippets… Read More ›

The Autopsy Alibi

Movies and television have substantially defined our conception of the term forensics as scientific tests or techniques used in connection with the detection of crime. The “autopsy,” a postmortem medical examination to ascertain cause of death and whether such death… Read More ›

Subtle Perpetuators of Inequity

From inception, the nation’s criminal justice system has had an unhealthy set of roots in slavery and racism. A sample of that codex is found in the 13th Amendment, passed in 1865, which declared slavery unconstitutional but hedged with “except… Read More ›

The Symbols of Subjugation

Domination (i.e., subjugation) of one group of people by another is not only familiar in the history of the human race but has disturbing relevance in contemporary times: Uighurs in China and Rohingya in Myanmar, to cite a couple. The… Read More ›