Cancel the Culture of Democracy

At times, we are moved to shake our heads in wonder at the adaptability of politicians, especially right wingers, and more especially Republican conservatives (if, in fact, there is a difference in those terms), to coopt a concept for their… Read More ›

Accountability is Not Cancel Culture

Editors’ Note: Reposted from The Washington Post, January 31, 2021. Ms. Sullivan’s analysis is very instructive. By Margaret Sullivan According to the Washington Examiner’s Eddie Scarry, nothing less than a “social justice mob” descended on Politico after it gave a guest-editing slot… Read More ›

Greasy Palms, Greasy Wheels

Rarely a day passes when some news item does not present an opportunity to wonder about the perceptions and judgments of our elected leaders. The Virginia General Assembly is considering legislation to limit or even forbid gold mining in Buckingham… Read More ›

Fox News Can Be Harmful to Your Mind

Editors’ Note: Your VoxFairfax editors read a large number of news articles, including those of Fox News, to ensure being informed by an array of differing opinions. The article parsed and dissected herein was selected particularly as a sample of… Read More ›

Emotions as Motivator

By Frank Blechman I am something of a policy nerd (good at analysis but lacking the charisma to be a wonk). I like to hear important policies discussed in detail, with backup materials available for further investigation. I spent enough… Read More ›

Hijacking America

Editors’ Note: From the New York Times, Book Review, print edition, August 23, 2020. EVIL GENIUSES The Unmaking of America: A Recent History By Kurt Andersen Reviewed By Anand Giridharadas Commentary: Occasionally we discover dynamic ideas in unexpected places, such… Read More ›

Trump Agonistes

Review by Michael Fruitman Dozens of books have been published about Donald Trump since the 2016 election, by journalists, political pundits, armchair psychologists, past associates, and more. A new one, titled simply Disloyal, by former Trump consigliere Michael Cohen, comes… Read More ›


By Frank Blechman Several months ago I wrote a column here expressing my concern that expectations for deep system changes were getting so high that elected officials would inevitably fail to meet the advocates’ demands. I worried that candidates and… Read More ›