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Campaign Treachery

When power and influence shift from one side of the political aisle to the other, there are consequences, usually and unfortunately to the voters. The Commonwealth’s politisphere has long been a playpen among corporate competitors for advantage, prominently led by… Read More ›

Just WIN, Baby

By Frank Blechman I have written before that electoral campaign strategies actually aren’t that complicated. I often quote long-time Fairfax County political sage Larry Byrne (husband and strategist of former State Senator and US Congresswoman Leslie Byrne) who said, “In… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

POUND, VA, POLICE DEPOUNDED Pound, Virginia. Surely you’ve heard of it. Located in Wise County, in far southwest Virginia on the West Virginia border, it consists of 2.6 square miles (that’s two point six, not twenty-six) and has a population… Read More ›

WASPish War on Wages

GOP-led states have engaged in a stampede to corral and round up the unemployed to return to work by eliminating unemployment benefits. The GOP governors of 23 states have made such announcements, unaccompanied by hoots of “yippy-ki-ya” but with messaging… Read More ›

Who are the Real RINOs?

Editors’ Note: Editorial reposted from the Roanoke Times, May 13, 2021.  The morphology (study of the form of things) of the GOP across a few decades provides a more recognizable view of the present. Former President Donald Trump recently called… Read More ›

Cut Nose, Spite Face

THE SUM OF US, by Heather McGhee Book Review by Frank Blechman In The Sum of Us, Heather McGhee brings over 20 years of experience into a strong and very readable case that white supremacist racism hurts white people as… Read More ›

Labor’s Love Lost

Editors’ Note: Reposted from Mother Jones, May 10, 2021.  Voters often face issue choices that are complex and threaded across many years.  This synopsis of the history of organized labor in the US provides a comprehensive sketch of the topic…. Read More ›

Puzzling Irony

By Frank Blechman I like irony as much as the next guy. When my expectations are contradicted by reality, I laugh at my foolishness and stop to reexamine my assumptions. On a good day, I actually learn something. However, last… Read More ›