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Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Santorum

Paul Simon penned some of music’s most memorable lyrics and tunes during his lengthy career. Occasionally, snatches of words and lines from Mrs. Robinson (1968) are heard “softly creeping” (Sounds of Silence) while considering a current political issue. These snippets… Read More ›

Santorum’s Blank Slate of Culture

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has talked his way into any number of bone-headed corners. Sadly, many of his most notable blunders are related to his unabashed Catholicism and blind attempts to marry religion with the state. Now, Mr. Santorum… Read More ›

The Symbols of Subjugation

Domination (i.e., subjugation) of one group of people by another is not only familiar in the history of the human race but has disturbing relevance in contemporary times: Uighurs in China and Rohingya in Myanmar, to cite a couple. The… Read More ›