American Genius at Work: Charities

One of the most notable and attractive hallmarks of American society is the extent and breadth of its charitable energies and organizations representing, at once, testimony to the spirit of the nation and its willingness to share its resources to… Read More ›

Are Ya Listening, Richmond?

It’s an often cited conservative response that our nation is not a democracy but a republic, defined as the supreme power held by the people and their elected representatives. Yet, for several decades now, people have been displaying a growing… Read More ›

Censoring Inconvenient Truths–in Virginia

  It used to be that high school officials could censor student journalists’ media content with impunity but in recent years, after court challenges that upheld the student newspapers’ right to publish, such cases have dramatically declined. Now, however, a… Read More ›

You Have to be Carefully Taught

Virginia has a history of being known for shameful moments: last winter’s brouhaha over the governor’s appearing in blackface, the attorney general’s admission to similar activities as a young man, and the lieutenant governor’s being charged with sexual assault by… Read More ›