labor and unions

The Future: Campaign Staff Unions

Editors’ Note: Sourced from Huffpost, May 4, 2020. While candidates for office proclaim allegiance to and platforms to benefit unions and their members, the failure of those same candidates to create and offer union membership and benefits to campaign workers… Read More ›

VA Inmates: Engine of Prison Capitalism

Editors’ Note: Sourced in part from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 9, 2020. In 1871, the Virginia Supreme Court declared that prisoners were “slaves of the state.” That edict has been emulated across the nation throughout its prison systems. Recently, the… Read More ›

Committing to Economic Dignity

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from The New York Times, April 26, 2020. By Gene B. Sperling Mr. Sperling was the national economic adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He is also the author of the forthcoming book “Economic Dignity.”… Read More ›

We Deliver For You. Now Deliver For Us.

Email inboxes are bombarded by messages from a wide selection of sources. Many are easy to identify and delete; others often offer tantalizing messages in the subject line that may cause a brief pause. The messages from political activists are… Read More ›

Essential Workers Muzzled

Editors’ Note: Excerpted from the April 2, 2020, New York Times. By  David Yaffe-Bellany On March 23, as the coronavirus pandemic put grocery workers on the front lines of a public health crisis, Trader Joe’s sent a memo to store managers… Read More ›

Brief Cases

BIBLICAL BATTLE BY BIG BOYS BETRAYS BOISTEROUS BRAGGADOCIO Governor Ralph Northam relied upon 1 Corinthians while Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. rejoined with Exodus 20:16 in a verbal brawl about Liberty University’s decision to allow students back to campus… Read More ›