Thought for the Day

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, with lower lifetime earnings, less in savings, and lower Social Security benefits, retired women are 80 percent more likely to live in poverty than men.  


Constitutions as governing documents or plans represent many characteristics of a society primarily as an expression of the civic and political culture of the period of creation or adoption. Too, they are often aspirational in tone for the prospects of… Read More ›


At this point in the arc of history, most folks would acknowledge that slavery, including sex trafficking and child selling, is immoral. Moral precepts may exist independently of religion, while religion may inform moral dialogue. Morality is the distinction between… Read More ›

JUNE 12-30 IN HISTORY . . .

  JUNE 12, 1776:  In what would become a model for the federal Bill of Rights, George Mason’s Declaration of Rights is adopted unanimously at the Virginia Constitutional Convention, guaranteeing, among other items, freedom of religion and of the press. JUNE… Read More ›


Editors’ Note: This is one of the “anti-Trump” cartoons that recently resulted in the firing after 25 years of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers.  It is sad and threatening that the price of humor, irony, or criticism in the face… Read More ›


On June 8, 2018, VoxFairfax voiced concern about the decline of the Republican Party as a distinct political entity. Its decline was reflected in internecine attacks by allied sects from the far right against RINOs and cuckservatives, creating something of… Read More ›


JUNE 1-10   JUNE 3, 1937:  Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson. JUNE 3, 1972:  Sally Priesand becomes first woman rabbi ordained in the United States. JUNE 4, 1989:  Hundreds of protesters die in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. JUNE 5, 1968: … Read More ›