From 2005-2010, CBS aired the crime drama Numb3rs, a fanciful series wherein one of the leading characters applies mathematics to solve complex crimes as a consultant to the FBI. The use of “3” in the title generated a great deal… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

LEESBURG RESIDENTS MARCH TO SAVE MOBILE HOME SITE A group from Leesburg Mobile Home Park residents marched down Market Street in Leesburg last month to ask for help as the land under their homes is being sold for millions. Residents… Read More ›

Grand Idea vs. Grand Problem

Once upon a time in America, the nation had an insatiable need and appetite for newcomers to contribute the labor necessary to settle its frontiers, build roads and railroads, and staff the machinery of its factories. Westward expansion from the… Read More ›

Over Here, Over There

AUSTRALIA As the US Congress and a number of state jurisdictions fumble with discussing reparations for wrongs committed in the past, Down Under Australia has determined that it will give one-off cash payments to Indigenous “Stolen Generations” survivors who were forcibly removed… Read More ›

You Must Remember This . . .

The adage that politicians rely upon the short memory span of voters allowing candidates to renew dead-letter issues and statements from the past or repeat by repackaging issues has not disappeared from the politisphere. Within the universe of civil dialogue,… Read More ›

Uncharitable SCOTUS

Sir Thomas Browne (d. 1682) is acknowledged to be the first to coin the expression into print form in 1642: Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world; yet is every man his greatest enemy, and, as it… Read More ›

Santorum’s Blank Slate of Culture

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has talked his way into any number of bone-headed corners. Sadly, many of his most notable blunders are related to his unabashed Catholicism and blind attempts to marry religion with the state. Now, Mr. Santorum… Read More ›