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GMU Prof Speaks Ex Cathedra

When Popes of the Roman Catholic Church speak ex cathedra (not from the cathedral but from the throne), they communicate infallible doctrine. The Winchester Star newspaper is an unabashed advocate of conservatism, sometimes to the extent that its guest editorials… Read More ›

VA Gov Commands the Militia–Oops.

Among other rationales put forward by some second amendment sanctuary advocates in Virginia is the idea that the Commonwealth’s Constitution authorizes an “unorganized militia” which, by their interpretation, grants the right to bear arms notwithstanding any state laws to the… Read More ›

Armed Sanctuaries Oxymoron

Editors’ Note: Reposted and excerpted  from Blue Virginia, December 13, 2019. Turning The Rule Of Law Upside Down By Delegate David Toscano, 57th District The Tazewell County, Virginia, Board of Supervisors recently jumped aboard the fast-moving “Second Amendment sanctuaries” train…. Read More ›

Why We Have Not Killed All the Lawyers

The Industrial Revolution in the United States spawned vast wealth, manufacturing regions, and an array of commercial processes and products the envy of the rest of the world, as well as customers across the globe. Industrialization brought millions of immigrants… Read More ›

Pittsburgh Reflections One Year Later

Editors’ Note: Originally published  last year on the occasion of the attack at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Congregation on October 27, 2018. The nation continues to experience a rise in hate crimes. By Mark Levine, Virginia House of Delegates (D-45,… Read More ›

Saving One Life

VoxFairfax has previously offered extended commentary on the duties and responsibilities corporations can exert in improving the societies in which they conduct commerce in goods and services. Dick’s is a retail sporting goods company with 27 locations in the Commonwealth. In… Read More ›