The Poverty of Hate in Virginia

Whether or not one accepts or agrees with the designation of hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the potential for the existence and proliferation of such organizations should be of concern to all. That concern, in turn,… Read More ›

An Era for ERA?

Editors’ Note: Excerpted and reprinted from The Washington Post, February 9, 2022. By Casey Park A few years ago, Kati Hornung made her family a promise: As soon as Virginia ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, she’d be done. She’d stay… Read More ›

Gimme That ‘Ole Time Religion

By Barbara Levine Folks in McMinn County, Tennessee, and across the country are still fighting against evolution, truth, and anything else that makes them feel uncomfortable. You know, like science and history and people who aren’t exactly like them. Tennessee… Read More ›

Beyond Our Border

NORTH CAROLINA Other than a common border of some 230+ miles, Virginia and the Tar Heel State are as different as their names. While the Commonwealth was able recently to rely upon its Supreme Court to draw political boundary maps… Read More ›

GMU Re-Koched

There are several cognitive cautions that may sensitize a reader’s appreciation of important information. Among these is the elegant French caution that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Another is the guide that instructs the reader… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

POLICE ACTION HAS EXPENSIVE BACKFIRE State Sen. A Louise Lucas (D) has won a $300,000 settlement from the city of Portsmouth in her suit against its former police chief. Lucas plans to donate the money, which will likely come out… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

1 LIBRARY FINES NO MORE Fairfax County has joined neighbors Alexandria City and Loudoun and Prince William counties in eliminating fines for overdue books and other materials. Experiences in the other jurisdictions has shown a marked increase in the return… Read More ›