Around the Novahood

1 LIBRARY FINES NO MORE Fairfax County has joined neighbors Alexandria City and Loudoun and Prince William counties in eliminating fines for overdue books and other materials. Experiences in the other jurisdictions has shown a marked increase in the return… Read More ›

Deck the Library Shelves

The determination of what materials belong in school libraries–books, magazines, film, video–might best be resolved in a democratic process. After all, if a Supreme Court justice cannot determine what is or isn’t pornographic, then, as anti-abortionists would prefer, let the… Read More ›

Book Ban Bumpus

In 1964 (Jacobellis v. Ohio), Justice Potter Stewart concluded that defining pornography was not only difficult but likely impossible, offering (with perhaps a sigh), “But I know it when I see it.”  At issue before the Court was an Ohio… Read More ›

State Treatment of Black–and Other–Children

Editors’ Note: This is Chapter 1 of a six-chapter expose by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit “newsroom” that produces investigative journalism “with moral force.” The treatment of children in Tennessee reported in this article–of whatever race–by state officials is almost unimaginable…. Read More ›

My Words, Not Yours

2               November 5, breaking news, the head of the University of Florida reversed the earlier decisions barring the professors from testifying.  Watch this space.   If you hadn’t noticed, there is a well-organized… Read More ›

Outside the Novahood

LORD SUES CHRISTIAN U. A third-year law student at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Jamie Lord, is one of over 40 students suing the US Department of Education for allowing sex-based discrimination by institutions receiving Title IX funds. The law… Read More ›